Experience Turkey’s magnificent coastline in traditional style onboard a two or three-masted gulet yacht cruise. These wooden vessels are handcrafted and were originally built for local fishermen and sponge divers cruising the Mediterranean Coast. But today they have been given a luxurious touch for tourist charters visiting some of the Turkish Riviera’s most captivating sights.

Travel from the historic city of Fethiye to the lively beach resort at Antalya, stopping to explore the charismatic town of Kaş and the semi-submerged ruins at Kekova Island. Wander amidst the Hellenistic temples of Olympos and visit the hometown of St. Nicholas at Demre, while anchoring each afternoon in hidden coves and natural bays along the way.

A gulet cruise offers the perfect combination of cultural immersion, natural beauty and relaxation, with itineraries starting from three days up to eight days long. They include all meals, highly experienced crew and daily shore excursions to experience everything this magnificent region has to offer.

Best Seasons:April, May, June, July, August, September
Popular Location:Fethiye, Kekova, Antalya

Gulet Cruise Holidays

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