Gelidonya Lighthouse

From the small pebbly beach at Karaoz, an obvious dirt road heads south along the coast towards the cape. Roughly 6.5 km along, leave the track in favour of the marked Lycian Way, now a steadily rising path through oaks and pines. From the trailhead, a round-trip of just under an hour (with a daypack) will take you to the photogenic lighthouse just above Taslik Burnu (as Gelidonya Burnu, “Swallow Cape”, has been officially renamed). Built by the French in 1936, the lighthouse is not currently inhabited, but a keeper cycles out from Karaoz at dusk to light the lamp. The treacherous Bes Adalar (Five Islands) that straggle beyond the cape are shipping hazards that have caused many a wreck, including an ancient one that yielded a huge amount of treasure to archeological divers during the 1960s.

North of the lighthouse, the Lycian Way threads deserted hillside between the sea and a high ridge on its 6hr course to Adrasan (path or cross-country except for the final hour). This dramatic stretch has become a popular organized group target, so you’ll probably have company.