Mt. Olympos (Tahtali Dag)

If you’re looking for a truly picturesque view while visiting the Antalya region, then Mount Tahtali (popularly referred to as Olympos) stands both literally and figuratively above the rest. At 2365 m (7760 f) tall, the views from the summit are all glittering coastline, minuscule cities, and majestic ridgelines.

Tahtali is about an hour-and-a-half drive down the Mediterranean coast from Antalya, meaning that you’ll need to be driving early if you plan to tackle a full day’s hike like that which runs the 17 km from sandy Cirali Beach to the summit. It will take all of your daylight if you plan on being back to your accommodations in the same day – especially if you’re looking to stop at the Olympos ruins, whose faded and scattered monuments are invitingly overgrown just south of Cirali on the sea. They’re no Ephesus, but they’re a nice detour if you plan to go up Tahtali.

Stop in at the Beydaglari National Park office to hire a guide if you’re looking to get up the peak in half a day and grab a one-way ticket back down in the cable car if you like. Then again, you could always paraglide down. Yup, you heard us right. Paraglide. Allegedly the highest tandem take-off point anywhere on Earth, it’ll be an adrenaline rush to say the least, and a much faster way back to the beach than hoofing it down.

You can also ski back down between January and April being that Tahtali is a popular winter sports destination, making it the rare place where you can both swim the Mediterranean and then ride powder in the same day.